These are the lovely people behind the articles you love to read at TL;DR Games.

Aidan O'Brien - Editor
Aidan has been playing video games since 1985 and has owned or played pretty much every gaming system since that time. He used to terrorize arcades with his mean Dhalsim skills in Street Fighter 2 and remembers a time before save files and patches. He much prefers the way things are now. His love of gaming has been called "aggressive and uncomfortable" and he can often be heard shouting about weapon balancing and level design from under a large pile of cats.
Bill Lavoy - Co-Founder, EIC
Bill stumbled into the gaming industry in 2013 and quickly made a name for himself as someone crazy enough to understand the ins and outs of SEO from the editorial side. He loves writing strategy guides, and firmly believes The Long Dark is the best game of all time. If it's hockey season, he doesn't work evenings, and if it's the weekend, he's probably drinking somewhere.
Dusty Dukes - Editor
Yes, Dusty is his real name. He's a full-time father navigating life and video games one step at a time.
Jan Ole Peek - Co-Founder, CTO, Managing Editor
Jan has been playing video games for nearly 30 years and been a passionate geek for the better part of his life. Aside from gaming he enjoys software development and photography. Most code on this site is his, so any bugs can be blamed on him.
Tony Mino - Contributor
Tony has been an avid gamer since his parents bought him and his brothers their first video game console, an NES in the early 1990s. After this first experience of playing Super Mario Bros. and having to blow into cartridges to get them to work, Tony has been solidly hooked ever since. He enjoys a healthy variety of game genres and platforms but he sure loves his racing games. Favorite game: The Last of Us.
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