Destiny 2 – Faction Rallies And Rewards Guide

The Factions are returning to the Tower and they need your help, Guardian.

Faction Rallies are coming to Destiny 2 next week. Starting on September 26 at 2 AM Pacific, they will give you the chance to volunteer to help your favorite Faction. New Monarchy, Dead Orbit and Future War Cult all return to the tower. You can pledge loyalty to one of them per character. The event will run for a week and will give players the opportunity to earn new weapons and armor. This is done by earning tokens for their chosen Faction. To take part in the event you must be Level 20 and have access to the new Tower social area.

Faction Rally Rewards

As a community event, all factions will offer a powerful weapon to try and attract players to their cause. The Faction whose Guardians collect the most packages will be declared the winner. While all players will be able to purchase the powerful weapon, those who were loyal to the faction during the event can do so at a steep discount. They will pay one thousand Glimmer for the weapon. Those who picked other factions will need to pay fifty thousand Glimmer.

Dead Orbit will try to tempt you with a Scout Rifle, Future War Cult with a Pulse Rifle and New Monarchy with a Suros Sidearm.

doscout 740x416 - Destiny 2 - Faction Rallies And Rewards Guide

fwcpulse 740x416 - Destiny 2 - Faction Rallies And Rewards Guide

nmside 740x416 - Destiny 2 - Faction Rallies And Rewards Guide

After pledging to a Faction almost any activity in the game will earn you tokens. Take part in Strikes, Public Events, Lost Sectors, the Raid or fight in the Crucible to earn them. They can be handed in for Faction Packages filled with new armor sets and loot. To get a look at some of the items on offer just look at the images below. The event will run until October 3, 2 AM Pacific with a winner being declared later that day at 10 AM Pacific.

The fact that this is a week long event gives me hope that it may become a rotating event, much like the Iron Banner. A regular PvE based community event would be a welcome addition to Destiny 2! If you need help with any other aspect of Destiny 2 be sure to check out our Destiny 2 Guide Hub!

Dead Orbit

deadorbitgroup 740x416 - Destiny 2 - Faction Rallies And Rewards Guide

deadorbitall 740x416 - Destiny 2 - Faction Rallies And Rewards Guide

Future War Cult

fwcgroup 740x416 - Destiny 2 - Faction Rallies And Rewards Guide

fwcall 740x416 - Destiny 2 - Faction Rallies And Rewards Guide

New Monarchy

nmgroup 740x416 - Destiny 2 - Faction Rallies And Rewards Guide

nmall 740x416 - Destiny 2 - Faction Rallies And Rewards Guide

Now that you know all about Faction Rallies, be sure to visit our Destiny 2 Guide Hub for more guides.

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Factions return to Destiny 2 with the Faction Rallies. Pick a side to fight for and then do activities in game to earn Tokens. Hand in the Tokens for new weapons and gear and to earn favor for your faction. The winning faction will sell a powerful weapon at the end of the event.
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