Destiny 2 – Get Lighthouse Engrams by Earning Mercury Tokens

If you want some of that sweet Lighthouse gear, you're going to need to gather lots of Mercury Tokens. We'll show you how.

One of the best parts of any new content update to Destiny 2 is the new loot that becomes available. Curse of Osiris takes Guardians to Mercury and the Lighthouse, a place previously reserved only for the best of Trials of Osiris players. Mercury itself becomes a patrol zone and Brother Vance will award Lighthouse Engrams that can decrypt into Mercury specific gear. How do you get those Lighthouse Engrams? Read on to find out, it’s not difficult at all.

How to Earn Lighthouse Engrams

Destiny 2 - Get Lighthouse Engrams by Earning Mercury Tokens
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When you visit Brother Vance in the Lighthouse, you’ll see that he is not unlike any of the other planetary vendors. If you already know how to earn faction reputation and rewards, then you’ll know everything there is to know about how to get your hands on Lighthouse Engrams. All you need to do is raise your reputation with Brother Vance high enough to unlock a Lighthouse Engram. Each time you do that, you’ll receive a piece of loot from the available pool, which includes Mercury specific armor.

Mercury Tokens and Simulation Seeds

Destiny 2 - Get Lighthouse Engrams by Earning Mercury Tokens Destiny 2 - Get Lighthouse Engrams by Earning Mercury Tokens

There are two major ways to raise your reputation with Brother Vance. Like other planets, as you perform activities, such as Public Events, Adventures, Patrols, and Story Missions, you will earn Mercury Tokens. These tokens are account-bound, meaning any of your characters can redeem them with Brother Vance. Keep that in mind if you’re pursuing a particular class’ set of armor, for example.

You will also come across Simulation Seeds as you peruse the Infinite Forest. These are Mercury’s planetary resource and act identical to those on other planets. Collect them and you’ll be able to turn them in at the Lighthouse. Each time you max out the reputation bar, Brother Vance will award you with a Lighthouse Engram filled with a random chance of the stuff you want.

Destiny 2 - Get Lighthouse Engrams by Earning Mercury Tokens
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While you’re grinding for Mercury gear, make sure you also unlock the Lighthouse Chest. It will also spit out some Mercury Tokens for you. Also be sure to visit our Destiny 2 Guide Hub for all the help and answers to secrets you may want.

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Mercury Tokens are like other planetary tokens. They are earned by performing activities such as public events, adventures, patrols, and story missions on Mercury. You turn them in to Brother Vance at the Lighthouse in order to gain reputation and unlock Lighthouse Engrams. You can also bring Mercury's resource, the Collection Seed, to Brother Vance.
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