Where to Find Largemouth Bass in Far Cry 5

Largemouth Bass aren’t easy to find, let alone catch, in Far Cry 5.

Largemouth Bass are some of the most popular fish to catch in Far Cry 5. They aren’t particularly big, but they do put up a hell of a fight, just as they do in reality. Problem is, they are very difficult to find if you’re trying to do some fishing in Hope County. Luckily, I have the exact location where you can catch all the Largemouth Bass your heart desires in Far Cry 5.

Where to Find Largemouth Bass

Where to Find Largemouth Bass in Far Cry 5
Largemouth Bass (Hard) Fishing SpotTL;DR Games • Fair Use

Largemouth Bass in Far Cry 5 can only be found in Faith’s Region. It’s not too far from the Hope County Jail, so you should be able to access this spot early in your run. From the jail, head to the river and travel east. It will wind a couple of times, but eventually you’ll come to a spot called Nolan’s Fly Shop. You’ll want to clear the Eden’s Gate cultists from this area. Out back of this location will be a spot where you can purchase boats, and that’s where you’ll go to catch all the Largemouth Bass you can carry.

This fishing spot is one of the harder locations, so it might not be a bad idea for you to buy a new fishing rod before you head out. If you’re low on cash, locating and looting all prepper stashes in Far Cry 5 is a good way to make some serious money.

Where to Find Largemouth Bass in Far Cry 5
Largemouth Bass Fishing SpotTL;DR Games • Fair Use

You’ll also want to use the Bass Popper, which will unlock when you purchase the Fisher King skill from the skills menu. If all of this is feeling a tad overwhelming for you, it’s best you do some studying on the ins and outs of fishing in Far Cry 5 before you continue.


Now that you know where to find Largemouth Bass in Hope County, don’t forget to take a suitable screen of your catch. You can disable the HUD to take great screenshots in Far Cry 5.

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You can find Largemouth Bass at the river behind Nolan's Fly Shop in Faith's Region. This is just east of the Hope County Jail that you'll visit as part of the main story in Far Cry 5.
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