Fortnite Duck Locations – Where To Find Rubber Duckies!

This weeks Fortnite Challenges have us tracking down cute little rubber duckies!

Fortnite has hit Week 3 of Season 4, which means new challenges! This week, we are tasked with tracking down very cute little rubber duckies. The little yellow ducks are hidden all over the map, and you need to find ten of them in total to finish this challenge. In this guide, we will show you some of those Fortnite duck locations.

Fortnite Duck Locations

As I already said, the duckies seem to be hidden all over the map, and sometimes they can be hard to find. On the map below you will see the locations of all the ones that I managed to track down.

Rubber Duckie Locations
Rubber Duckie LocationsTL;DR Games • Fair Use

I am always torn with these sorts of challenges, as I tend to allow my greed for finding things to get me killed. I have put down fourteen different locations on the map. You only need to find ten, and I know that I didn’t discover them all, so I strongly suggest that you keep your eyes open. This map will give you enough Fortnite duck locations to finish up the challenge, however. When you do find a duck, just walk up to it and hit the prompted button to collect it. Get all ten of them to complete the challenge.

As always, be careful! Some nefarious players out there will shoot you if you get too distracted by our little yellow friends. I certainly didn’t finish up my Sniper Challenge today by taking out people who were distracted by ducks. If you need help with other Challenges this week, we have guides for the Salty Springs Treasure Map, and how to watch a replay, if you don’t know how! Also, a little side note: If you have been difficulty finishing up the Challenges this week, Epic have advised that this will be resolved after an upcoming patch! Just let the patch hit, then get back to going after those challenges.

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The rubber duckies are hidden all over the map. Use the map in the guide above to find their locations. Keep your eyes peeled when you are playing, as it is unlikely that I tracked all of them down.
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