How to Catch The Different Forms of Castform in Pokémon GO

Castform has several different forms to catch, but you'll need to rely on Mother Nature to catch all of them.

A few months ago, Niantic introduced a new Dynamic Weather system to Pokémon GO. This changed how Trainers played the game, because of how the weather in their area effected what Pokémon would spawn and how hard Raid Bosses would be.

Players were also introduced to a change in how one Pokémon appears depending on the weather in a player’s region. The Pokémon Castform has four different forms depending on the weather, and this guide let you know how to catch each form.


Castform is a Gen 3 Pokémon who can take on four different forms depending on the weather outside. Its body is made of cells like those present in water molecules, causing its cellular structure to be altered by temperature and humidity. I like to think of Castform as a cloud that takes on the properties appropriate to the weather it’s in.

Normal Castform

Normal Castform
Normal CastformBulbapedia • Fair Use

The best chance to catch the Normal form of Castform is during Partly Cloudy weather. Partly Cloudy weather will spawn more Normal types and give you the best chance to catch the Normal Castform. I’ve seen more of this form than any other due to where I live.

Sunny Castform

Sunny Castform
Sunny CastformBulbapedia • Fair Use

During periods of Clear/Sunny weather, you will be able to find the Sunny Castform. This type of weather will also allow for more spawns of Fire, Grass, and Ground type Pokémon. I suggest wearing a nice pair of sunglasses to ward off the rays of the Sun.

Rainy Castform

Rainy Castform
Rainy CastformBulbapedia • Fair Use

If you’re brave enough to venture out in the Rain, you’ll have a chance to catch the Rainy Castform. This Castform will spawn along with Bug, Electric, and Water type Pokémon. Just remember to bring an umbrella and be prepared to risk getting soaked.


Snowy Castform

Snowy Castform
Snowy CastformBulbapedia • Fair Use

If you’re anything like me and stay inside during the Winter months, the Snowy Castform may be the hardest to catch. You’ll find Snowy Castform alongside Ice, and Steel type Pokémon. Hopefully you’ll be able to catch one from inside the warmth of your home and not have to venture out in to the cold.

As you’re out catching Castform, pay attention to your Nearby List, as it will tell you if you have caught the Castform you’re looking for. If you haven’t caught the form you’re looking for, it will show up as a silhouette. While catching just one Castform will fulfill your PokéDex, you’ll definitely want to catch them all.

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Castform has four different forms for you to catch, but you'll need to rely on the weather in your area to catch each form. The four forms it comes in are Normal, Sunny, Rainy, and Snowy.
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