EA Details Anthem’s Starting Javelin Exosuit, the Ranger

Find out what the Ranger Javelin exosuit in Athem is all about. You'll begin your adventure in one.

As we learn more about Anthem and wait to get more hands-on time with Bioware’s upcoming title, EA has got some more details about the very first exosuit Javelin that players will get to use next year.

All Freelancers train on the Ranger first in Anthem. Not because it’s the easiest, but because it’s the most versatile. In the hands of a master pilot, the Ranger can achieve feats of combat prowess that no other javelin can touch.

There’s no doubt that Javelin customization will become key to how you personalize your experience in Anthem. For now, we know that the Ranger Javelin will have the following abilities.

Ranger Javelin Exosuit Abilities

Shock Mace

When the Ranger javelin chooses to mix it up at close range, it deploys an electrified mace to send a medically-inadvisable amount of voltage through its enemies.


Quick to deploy, grenades lay down area damage for effective crowd control at a moment’s notice. Modified grenades can be found out in the field which can be equipped to create different effects, including Frost and Seeker Grenades.

Muster Point

An effective field commander, the Ranger is capable of creating a Rally Point which provides gear cooldown reduction to teammates who enter its radius.

Multi-target Missile Battery

A powerful volley of micro-missiles, the Ranger’s ultimate ability allows it to target dozens of fast-moving enemies with guided projectiles that pummel the opposition with devastating concussive force.

Anthem will get a demo in early 2019, and you can guarantee your access to it by pre-ordering. Otherwise, you’ll be able to enjoy Anthem when it releases on February 22, or a week earlier if you’re a member of Origin Access or EA Access.

The Ranger Javelin is the first exosuit players will access in Anthem. It's also the most versatile, featuring a close-range Shock Mace weapon, grenades, a Muster Point ability which provides a cooldown buff for teammates, and Multi-target Missile Battery, the Ranger’s ultimate ability which allows it to target dozens of fast-moving enemies with guided projectiles
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