Brawlout – Party Fighting Game Announced for Nintendo Switch

The Smash & Bash Indie Platform Fighter is also on sale on Steam at the moment.

Brawlout is that kind of indie smash & bash fighter game that brings back memories of your childhood. Since it’s release on Steam in April of this year, the developer Angry Mob Games, has continued its development and just announced that it will be releasing Brawlout on the Nintendo Switch this holiday season. To go along with that news, the game is also currently 50% off on Steam.

Hyper Light Drifter

Owners of the game on PC will be delighted to hear that new content is coming their way in the form of a new playable character: Hyper Light Drifter, from the indie game hit of the same name.

“We love indie games; one of the first, and most iconic, characters that came to mind was Hyper Light Drifter,” says Bogdan Iliesiu, CEO of Angry Mob Games. “He fit into the Brawlout universe perfectly, as he is already built for the type of battle we see in the game. We collaborated closely with Heart Machine to make sure The Drifter remained true to the original, working in his iconic light sword and making his signature dash a character specific move. The Drifter brings a more technical style of combat to Brawlout, with tons of movement options and both defensive and offensive play, that we think he’s going to become a staple for those looking for a competitive edge.”

Brawlout TV

Brawlout - Party Fighting Game Announced for Nintendo Switch

Brawlout also features a TV mode that lets you avoid getting sweaty by mashing buttons to win a fight, and instead lets you sit back and enjoy watching others do the heavy lifting. You can find out more in the Events section of the Brawlout website.

Brawlout, an indie smash & bash platform fighter, will be released on the Nintendo Switch this holiday season. In the meantime it is 50% off on Steam and has a new playable character, Hyper Light Drifter.
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