Destiny 2 PC Beta Comes with Improvements and Fixes

The PC beta will benefit from lessons learned by the earlier console beta.

The Destiny 2 PC Beta is coming on August 28th, for people who pre-ordered, and on August 29th for everyone. Bungie mentioned in this week’s update that the PC beta will benefit from a number of improvements. That’s the benefit of having the PC beta come a month after the consoles, I suppose.

Most of the changes and improvements will be noticeable in the Crucible, Destiny 2‘s PvP arena.

What’s Changed?

There will be several tweaks to how matchmaking works in the Crucible. Crucible Design Lead Lars Bakken explains:

During the console Beta, we learned a lot from the players who entered the Crucible. Some of these learnings will be on display in the PC Beta. Our core goals haven’t changed. We still want to serve all players who love the thrill of competition with fair and fun matches. We have, however, done a bit of work under the hood.

In Quickplay, matchmaking will be quicker, with less emphasis on skill. The opposite will happen in Competitive play, where matchmaking will try to find you more evenly matched opponents, so it may take longer.

The score required to win in Control has been increased from 75 to 100, which means that you may actually get to use that Super that’s taken forever to charge. Speaking of that…

What’s Fixed?

The Destiny 2 beta had its share of glitches, as any beta would. The team at Bungie was able to fix a great deal of them in time for the upcoming PC beta, including the following:

  • Infinite Super glitch
  • Warlock Glide glitch
  • Infinite Grenades glitch
  • Warlock melee range is now the same as other classes
  • Globally reduced the time it takes to charge your Super
  • Increased Grenade Damage in PvE
  • Increased Power Ammo drops in PvE

Hopefully these improvements will make for a smooth experience with Destiny 2 on PC. We can’t wait to try out one of our favorite games in recent memory on our preferred platform. The PC beta begins on August 28th/29th.

The PC beta will include a bevy of fixes and improvements based on the console beta. Most notable are improvements to matchmaking in the Crucible, tweaks to super recharge time, more power ammo, and less glitches.
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