Destiny Companion App Will be Updated for Destiny 2 Launch

Manage your gear, loadouts, and more in Destiny 2 with the Destiny Companion App.

The Destiny Companion App for iOS and Android devices has long allowed players to manage their progression in Destiny. Bungie will release an update for the app on August 23rd to bring support for Destiny 2. It’s worth noting that as soon as you upgrade your app, you will lose support for Destiny 1.

To hold these upgrades in the palm of your hand, you’ll need to update your app. This will overwrite the Destiny 1 version of the companion and the Destiny 2 services will not be online until after the launch of the game on September 6.

The Destiny 1 API will remain online, meaning that third-party management tools, such as Destiny Item Manager, will continue to function. While I understand that dropping support in the app for Destiny 1 makes sense, releasing the update two weeks prior to it becoming functional, seems odd. So if you’re still playing Destiny 1 and use the Destiny Companion App, you may want to hold off on updating it until you make the switch to Destiny 2.

New Features

Destiny Companion App Will be Updated for Destiny 2 Launch

Bungie is adding some new Destiny 2 specific features to the app with this update:

  • EXPLORE – All about what’s happening in the world of Destiny:
    Stay up to date with the latest news and updates
    Discover new events and activities
    See the latest amazing creations from our community
    Find community and help with forums and groups
  • CLANS – Stay connected with your teammates wherever you are:
    Create or join a Clan and invite others to join you
    Manage your Clan roster and see who is playing
    Create a shared identity with a unique banner
    Track your Clan progression and shared rewards
    Communicate with your teammates through Clan text chat

The core features already present in the Destiny Companion App that will return are:

  • GEAR – Manage all your weapons, armor, and inventory
  • RECRUIT – Search for other players looking for Fireteams for any activity
  • YOUR PROFILE – Manage your experience with account information and settings
  • SUPPORT – Talk to your Mentors and Player Support Specialists

The update to the Destiny Companion App will be available on August 23rd, but its Destiny 2 features won’t activate until the game’s launch date on September 6th.

The popular Destiny Companion App for iOS and Android devices will get an update to make it fully compatible with Destiny 2 in time for its launch. The App update will be available on August 23rd but won't actively do anything until Destiny 2's launch on September 6th. You'll lose all Destiny 1 functionality when you update.
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