Euro Truck Simulator 2 – Next DLC: Bella Italia

Bella Italia is ETS2's next DLC and will expand on the Italian countryside late this year.

SCS Software has been supporting Euro Truck Simulator 2 for years now with ongoing expansions. The latest effort in their development pipeline was revealed today: Bella Italia. As the name implies, this DLC will take truckers further into Italy than ever before, expanding upon the few northern Italian cities already in the game.

01 740x416 - Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Next DLC: Bella Italia

Development of the DLC packs for Euro Truck Simulator 2 has historically been rather slow, but it goes without saying that a tremendous amount of detail goes into these expansions. Italy should prove to be a challenge, as SCS Software’s blog post details:

Our map designers have fallen in love with the new region right from the research stages – there are so many diverse environments to combine! From tall mountains to the shores of the seas, from manicured farmland to wilder and more arid places, it was clear that we are looking at quite a challenging and demanding task. We tried our best to depict the typical features of Italy from behind the wheel, like roads leading through the Apennines, where tunnels and bridges alternate with scenic vistas and curvy segments, opening the view to distant horizons. The geography and shape of Italy have also led to a relatively high concentration of cities and industries in the new DLC.

05 350x197 - Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Next DLC: Bella Italia 02 350x197 - Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Next DLC: Bella Italia

I’m personally a huge fan of ETS2 and find a calm enjoyment in trucking through Europe’s countryside. The more of it I can explore, the better, so consider me excited! If you’re currently itching for more things to do in Euro Truck Simulator 2, there are some excellent community made mods available. I highly recommend the ProMods Map Expansion, which recently added Ireland as a destination. If you have trouble installing mods, you should consult our guide.

Euro Truck Simulator 2's next map expansion will take you to Italy in the Bella Italia DLC which is slated for a release late this year. Explore the Italian countryside and modern industry and add more miles to your trucking empire!
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