Check Out Official Early Gameplay Footage of Fallout 76

The Fallout 76 Greenbrier Event has concluded and we've gathered some must-watch gameplay footage for you.

Last week, the folks from Bethesda invited several press outlets and influencers to attend their Fallout 76 Greenbrier event where they were able to play the game for several hours and record as much footage as their hearts desired. Since we weren’t there personally, and there is rumored to be over 400 hours of total footage captured, Reddit has collected links to as many videos as they could track down. We’ve filtered their rather lengthy list into some highlights and embedded them below. Be sure to visit each of the linked outlets for more of their thoughts on what they’ve seen of Fallout 76 so far.

Eurogamer – First 40 Minutes

Gamespot – 50 Minutes in 4K

Gamesradar – Fallout 76 Gameplay Preview

IGN – Detonating a Nuke in 4k

Shacknews – Character Creation & Reclamation Day

Stay tuned for more Fallout 76 content coming to TL;DR Games soon and bookmark our Fallout 76 Guide Hub for all the latest guides.

The videos above provide a great overview of the early gameplay footage of Fallout 76 that has been made available. Be sure to visit the corresponding outlets for more information.
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