H1Z1: Just Survive Gets Largest Update in Years

A new map and huge list of changes offer renewed life for the fledgling survival game.

H1Z1: Just Survive has always been a bit of the red-headed stepchild of H1Z1: King of the Kill. It’s not as exciting, it doesn’t make for good streaming, it doesn’t have as many loot boxes, and so on and so forth. Well, Just Survive has finally received a long overdue update with a huge list of changes.

Badwater Canyon

H1Z1: Just Survive Gets Largest Update in Years

Perhaps most notably in this update is the addition of an entirely new map. This marks the first new map since H1Z1: Just Survive‘s initial release in January of 2015. Badwater Canyon has been available on the Test server for a couple of months now, but for those that have taken a break from the game, this is the most likely reason for them to come back.

Huge List of Changes

Alongside a new map is an almost entirely new game design. Gone are the days where you could build a base anywhere. There are now designated spots that have to be purchased in order to claim them as your own.  Consequently, currency is now a thing in H1Z1: Just Survive. Items that have been looted can be exchanged at a military base for Golden Eagles, the new in-game tender. This is done at an actual NPC, another wholly new concept in this game.

H1Z1: Just Survive Gets Largest Update in Years

Speaking of the military base, players will now spawn here. The base itself is protected by NPC snipers, so you start off in a safe zone immediately. Upon inevitable death, you can choose to respawn at your stronghold or at the military base. Your stronghold is what your base is now called and it should provide much more of a “home” feeling than before.

Changes to loot, base raiding, life & death, and zombies are just some of the massive list of changes that Daybreak Games is rolling out today. Judging by the detailed patch notes, we’re in for an almost entirely new game. We’ve got hundreds of hours in H1Z1: Just Survive and we’re hoping that these changes will turn out to be exactly what was needed.

A huge list of changes, including a brand new map and new ways to build bases, highlight the biggest update to H1Z1: Just Survive in its history. New features should entice old players to give the game another look, as it seems like an entirely new game.
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