Atlas Rises Brings New Features and Limited Co-Op to No Man’s Sky

Its One Year Anniversary patch is loaded with new features, including the first steps to actual co-op gameplay.

No Man’s Sky Update 1.3, dubbed Atlas Rises, is Hello Games’ one year anniversary update and is packed with new features. No Man’s Sky has certainly not been without controversy over the past year, but judging by the content of this update, now may be a good time to return to the space exploration game, if you threw in the towel in the past.

What’s New?

Atlas Rises starts off with a new expanded story. This is good news, because frankly, I don’t recall the original story. There was one, right? Hello Games says this update will include 30 hours of story content, bigger and better than before, with new mysteries, alien races, and general weirdness. It sounds like we may find some answers to this galaxy’s questions though, so that’s welcome news.

Speaking of the galaxy, it’s being “regenerated”, adding wealth, economy, and conflict levels to systems. New planets are also making an appearance, complete with improved visuals, textures, and greater variety. You can now run into crashed freighters during your planetary trips and presumably loot them for their cargo.

Atlas Rises Brings New Features and Limited Co-Op to No Man's Sky

New missions, NPC guilds, and improved trading are also included. We will be able to use certain automated machines to perform some of the more mundane tasks, such as mining.

The user interface and overall graphic fidelity has been cleaned up and improved. There’s an option for depth of field during NPC interactions and in the photo mode now. The Atlas visor has also gotten an upgrade to tempt you to do more scanning of animals by increasing the amount of information unlocked and the potential rewards.

You’ll also be able to edit the terrain using your multi-tool now. That means you’ll no longer be at the mercy of randomly generated phallic shapes, you can now make your own. Or just use it to make the environment around your base look more realistic. Whatever, it’s your choice.

Did you mention Co-op?

Yes, I did. Portals were added into No Man’s Sky in a previous update, allowing you to travel quickly between systems, but there was never really much of a point to that. Co-op was always lacking in this game and something it really needed. The first steps towards implementing that are now in place.


Atlas Rises will let you and up to 15 other players explore planets “together”. If by “together” you meant in the form of a floating, glowing orb, that is. It’s a first step, and it’s exciting that there’s the premise of proper cooperation in the future.

No Man’s Sky will certainly be worth another look, if for no other reason than to visit your friends’ bases and experience some of the new story. The 1.3 update should be available later today.

No Man's Sky one year anniversary patch is called Atlas Rises and brings 30 hours of new story content, a boat load of new features, and the first steps towards a proper co-op experience. Now may be the time to dust off your copy and give it another try.
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