Former DICE Lead Heads Up New Ubisoft Stockholm Studio

Patrick Bach, former studio manager of EA DICE, is set to lead Ubisoft's new Stockholm studio.

Ubisoft has been on a European expansion roll so far this year, opening studios in Bordeaux and Berlin this spring. They’ve now set sights on a new studio in Stockholm and tapped former studio manager at EA DICE, Patrick Bach. Anyone that’s played a Battlefield game in recent memory will be familiar with Bach. He was involved in Battlefield Bad Company 1 and 2, Battlefield 3 and 4 and also oversaw the teams developing Star Wars Battlefront, Mirror´s Edge Catalyst and Battlefield 1.

Stockholm has long been a popular destination for game development studios, and the addition of an Ubisoft studio is another notch in the Swedish capital’s cap. Ubisoft Stockholm will be working closely with the Massive studio in Malmö on AAA titles.

Patrick Bach, who took a fair bit of online abuse during the early days of Battlefield 4, is looking forward to the challenge.

Why open a studio in Stockholm?Former DICE Lead Heads Up New Ubisoft Stockholm Studio
Stockholm is one of the great gaming hubs of the world with a huge pool of experienced and creative talent. That together with an international buzz and a great atmosphere makes Stockholm a very unique place to create amazing games.

What will the new studio focus on? 
The focus is to create great games of course, including working with Massive on the recently announced Avatar game. To make great games you need a great team, a clear vision, great working conditions and a company backing you and supporting those pillars. I think we’ve got all those ingredients combined to make this studio a success, and offer something new on the dev scene in Stockholm.

In addition to 100 new jobs in Stockholm, Massive continues to recruit for 200 positions in Malmö, which means that Ubisoft is creating a total of 300 new jobs in Sweden over the next two years.

Patrick Badh, the former lead most of EA DICE's recent titles, such as Battlefield 3-1 (yes, that numbering though), is embarking on a new adventure with Ubisoft. Ubisoft has now opened new studios in Bordeaux, Berlin, and Stockholm this year. Ubisoft Stockholm is also hiring, if you're interested.