Russian Subway Dogs Out On Steam Now

Russian Subway Dogs, the arcade-style game inspired by the stray dogs of the Moscow Metro, arrives on Steam.

Spooky Squid has made an important stop on its journey to bringing its brand new game to the people. Russian Subway Dogs has finally arrived at the station. For those unfamiliar with Russian Subway Dogs, we’ve got you covered.

Russian Subway Dogs

Russian Subway Dogs is an action arcade game that pits players against the clock as they consume food to survive until the day’s last train. Avoid rogue bears (because it’s Russia), volatile vodka, and rival critters. Special cameos from other games that have four-legged friends will occasionally appear as well. Those cameos include Gunshow’s Question Hound, Guacamelee’s Uay Chivo, Nidhog 2’s Nidhog, and many more.

Players will travel the Moscow metro system with Proletaricat and her litter of crazy kittens in Campaign mode. Face over 100 challenges across dozens of pixelated levels based on real-life subway stations. If you get tired of Campaign mode and want to try something else, take your skill to the Endless mode and climb your way to the top of the online leaderboard.

With a special launch release, you can get Russian Subway Dogs at a 10% discount. Russian Subway Dogs is based on real-life dogs that have learned to navigate the Moscow metro and scavenge for food to survive. For every unit sold between, August 2 to August 8, Spooky Squad will donate $1 to the Toronto charity Save Our Scruff. The organization helps provide care for stray dogs around the world.

Russian Subway Dogs is out now on Steam for PC for $14.99, and Spooky Squid is hard at work bringing it to PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Xbox One.

Explore the Moscow Metro system in Spooky Squid's Russian Subway Dogs, out now for PC on Steam for $14.99.
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Russian Subway Dogs
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