Sea of Thieves Closed Beta Coming January 24-29

Get ready for pirate adventures in the Sea of Thieves closed beta.

Rare announced that a special closed beta of Sea of Thieves will take place between January 24th and January 29th. You’ll be able to get a taste of pirate adventures in this five day span full of sailing, shanties, and shenanigans.

The Sea of Thieves closed beta will be accessible to anyone who joined the Sea of Thieves Insider Program before December 1, 2017, and to anyone who has pre-ordered the game. To get your hands on the closed beta client, you will need to visit the closed beta page for Sea of Thieves. We aren’t sure what all will be accessible during the beta, but we’re excited that it is happening.

You can also snag a Limited Edition controller, which can now be pre-ordered. This controller can be yours for $74.99 and will be available on February 6th. Order one for yourself, or if you’re feeling generous, yours truly wouldn’t mind that as a birthday present.

Limited Edition Controller 740x416 - Sea of Thieves Closed Beta Coming January 24-29
Limited Edition ControllerXbox

If you’re unfamiliar with Sea of Thieves, it’s an open world, co-op adventure in which players can form pirate crews to plunder treasure and increase their reputation with the different trading companies to become a pirate legend. Sea of Thieves will be available on March 20th for the Xbox One Console and Windows PC. Make sure to check out the trailer above and if you want in on the closed beta, drop that pre-order.

Rare announced the closed beta for Sea of Thieves. The beta takes place between January 24th and January 29th. Sea of Thieves releases on March 20th for Xbox One and PC.
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