The Long Dark Episode 3 Delayed But Redux Coming in December

The Redux of the first two episodes, along with new Survival features, are coming but Episode 3 has been delayed.

The Long Dark is easily our favorite survival game here at TL;DR Games and when its first two episodes of single-player content became available, we enjoyed them much. Hinterland Studios was never quite happy with their early efforts at a story-driven mode in The Long Dark, however, and has been hard at work on a Redux of the first two episodes. That work is nearly finished and will be available in December. Unfortunately, the third episode has been delayed and will not be released this year, as initially planned.

Delays But More Features

The Long Dark Episode 3 Delayed But Redux Coming in December
The Long Dark – Redux – Buffer Memories • Hinterland Studios • Licensed by Owner

Capcom in Vancouver recently laid off around 200 people, and Hinterland Studios stepped in to try and assist, allowing them to hire some new staff and acquire new equipment. The result of that is that the Redux version of episodes one and two will include fully animated and voiced characters, addressing one of the major criticisms leveled against the single-player mode.

Gamers should be aware that the Redux versions of episode one and two will nuke any previous saves you may have. So if you haven’t finished those episodes yet, either do so fast or be prepared to start over. Hinterland hopes you choose to do the latter, as a lot of improvements have been packed into the Redux episodes.

These new resources also mean that Hinterland is able to do more for episode three, thus causing it to be delayed. I’m always in favor of a delay if it means the final product will be improved. No word on a new release date as of this time, but we’ll be sure to update you as we hear more.

The Long Dark Episode 3 Delayed But Redux Coming in December
The Long Dark – Redux – Bear Spear • Hinterland Studios • Licensed by Owner

Fans of The Long Dark‘s survival mode will be delighted to hear that a new free update will come in December as well. It will include a new craftable hat, new challenge mode, new condition buff, some UI fixes, some gameplay tweaks, and general bug fixes. More details to come on this front as well.

Episode three has been delayed to allow Hinterland Studios to add new features and improvements available to them after increasing resources in the studio. The Redux of episode one and two will come in December and feature fully voiced characters. New survival features are also coming in December.
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