New Details of Rainbow Six: Siege’s Operation Grim Sky

Rainbow Six: Siege's Operation Grim Sky will include two new operators and rework some existing maps.

It’s almost time for a new season of Rainbow Six: Siege and Ubisoft has revealed the first few details of Operation Grim Sky.

In Operation Grim Sky, players will be introduced to two new defenders, a no-nonsense police officer from Great Britain, and an American attacker who’s seen it all.

The first Operator is a Defender from Great Britain. She’s a tough police officer who’s an expert on mob behavior and snatch-squad tactics. She knows she belongs on the front line and she won’t tolerate any nonsense.

The second Operator is an American Attacker, a specialist with a remarkably sharp mind when it comes to tactical operations. He has seen the worst in Kabul. Despite it all, he fell in love with the city. Legendary for his surgical precision, he remains an enigma within Rainbow Six.

Ubisoft is also embarking on its first ever reworking of existing maps to bring some freshness and improvements to the game. Hereford Base will get a complete overhaul in Operation Grim Sky.

This rework will include a new visual identity, layout, and architecture. The map will still feel familiar to our players, but with the rework, Hereford Base may be considered a new map.

Several other tweaks are making their way to season 3 of Rainbow Six: Siege, including some subtle adjustments to address weapon sights alignment, Operator Idle Pick, and dynamic resolution scaling for consoles.

More details about Year 3 Season 3 Operation Grim Sky will be revealed during the Six Major Paris taking place between August 17-19 in, you guessed it, Paris.

Ubisoft has revealed the first bits of details for year 3 season 3 of Rainbow Six: Siege. Operation Grim Sky will add two new operators and focus on reworking several of the older maps. A new defender from Great Britain and an attacker from America will join the fold.
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